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1 Article of the Constitution of Russia (Fundamental Law)


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In my reasoning on the Freedom and Dignity of Man, I have noted that, among Constitutions of European countries, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany takes the Dignity and the Freedom of Choice of Man into account more than any other. To my mind, the citizens of Russia have every reason to have such guarantees from the state power. Therefore, it would be desirable in the future to see Article 1 of the Fundamental Rights in the following form.


Aware of the Dignity and Freedom of Choice handed down to Man from birth by the Creator, following the yearning of Mankind for unity with the purpose of ensuring peace and prosperity for all the peoples, the Russian people have enacted the present Basic Law.



Article 1

(1) The dignity bestowed on Man by the Creator from birth shall be respected and inviolable.

(2) It is the duty of the State power to safeguard the Human Dignity and to protect it by all available legal means.

(3) The state power, which forms human society, must ensure the freedom of choice of every Man.

(4) Every Person has the right to life and personal integrity.

(5) All Human beings are equal before the law.

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