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Мои взгляды на жизнь - БВВ_29062022_07_EN_пдф
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Not everyone wonders what Human Dignity is, but everyone is born with it. "Why?" you ask ...

The innate and only Dignity of Man is the awareness of Man that every being (Creature) is an Act of Creation of the Creator. More importantly, every Being is a part of the Creator and, therefore, only requires RESPECT. Self-respect and respect for others is possible only after realizing this.

The question of Human Dignity requires consideration, and this is important, from the perspective of Duality within our earlier reasoning.

All my reasoning is based on faith in the Creator and His understanding developed in the course of my life and according to the conscious thoughts invested in my Soul.

From this I acknowledge that the Creator's World is Dual and it is His Will. This means that the World of Good and the World of Evil is the Creator's Creation and thus, any Being of both worlds requires Respect! Either of these worlds cannot exist without the other, for without Duality there can be no perfection of the Human Soul and knowledge of the Creator through awareness of His Creatures.

"But I say to you, Love your enemies, ..." Gospel of Matthew 5:44 - Matthew 5:44 (synodal translation).

To behave Worthily is to behave only toward another Person or Being.

Worthy means to respect the right of another Person to live according to his/her understanding of life and in accord with his/her Faith - that is, according to the Creator's destiny (karma).

However, Man lives in society and has to obey its laws. At the same time, the society around him/her is highly dependent on whether he/she is formed in a closed or open Society.

Consequently, in order to help Man come to realize the concept of Human Dignity, self-respect and respect for other people, regardless of their morality, Society should create maximum conditions to ensure freedom of choice for any Man.

To speak of Dignity as a moral category of Man is like speaking of Leonardo da Vinci's «Gioconda», limited to discussing the number of strokes of one shade or another.

I believe that the concept of Human Dignity lies above the rules of morality. Introduced by Marcus Tullius Cicero, the term "Morality" was merely an attempt by the famous orator of civil trials to systematize the sides of Dualism in order to define moral categories in society for the construction of the concept of an ideal polity.

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