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What is the manifestation of feelings between people? Why do we not notice developed civilizations?


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If, as we concluded earlier, God is the totality of the quanta of information occupying Space, then what are God’s creations? Specifically, Man? What are the manifestations of feelings between people? What is art? This is an interesting topic to think about, and it is important that this reasoning give a basis for research and experimentation.

As we have suggested, mental images are structured quanta of information. Structured mental images are knowledge. Structured knowledge, then, is probably the Soul of a being and, in particular, of Man. Each human Soul is uniquely structured by the Maker to fulfill its program (“karma”). The gross sheath is built to match the inner structure. Such is the Maker’s creation, the Man. Then manifestation of feelings between human beings can be explained by resonance phenomena occurring between elements of structured quanta of information. Since art is a derivative of mental images of Man, we can say that it is also created through resonance mechanisms. Consequently, all these processes can also be extensively investigated with reliance on the works of I.L. Gerlovin and N.I. Kobozev.

I would like to touch upon a topic that concerns the one part of Mankind that is engaged in creating the technologies for space exploration.

It would seem that having received a technical education in Aerospace Systems at one of the best universities of the Soviet Union, I would envision mankind’s exploration of outer space through technical means. However, lately, based on my views on life, I have been having these thoughts.

Let’s say we are tasked with building a spacecraft (even an unmanned one) capable of reaching the nearest stellar system, gathering scientific data and relaying it back to Earth. It is a technically complex task in itself, one that would take many years to solve. Manned flight seems outright impossible. The human body is not designed by the Maker to survive an extended stay in the outer space. The essence of the task boils down to simply obtaining information about a specific object.

So, if all existing mental images are based on a certain vacuum structure and are accessible at any point of Space, then why don’t we obtain this information instantly without developing complex space technologies and putting human lives at risk? Maybe that is why Mankind is unsuccessful in searching for high-tech civilizations? It may be that they just do not need to appear here tangibly, and they already know everything?

These technologies are also available for in-depth research today.

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